What's in our products?

Our products are chemical-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, and plastic-free. We use locally-sourced natural and organic ingredients.


What to expect from our lotion bars?

Our lotion bars are oil and butter based. It will take a longer time to set on the skin than a regular lotion, but will lock in moisture for much longer.

It may take 10-30 minutes, depending on your skin type, for the lotion to be fully absorbed.


How to apply lotion bars?

Rub the lotion bar between your palms to let your natural heat warm the product and simply massage the bar directly on your skin. View our video tutorial here


When to apply lotion bars?

For best results, apply on your whole body after a shower and leave overnight. You may use this in the morning, but be sure to let it set before heading out.


Where to store our products?

Keep in a sealed container in room temperature to prevent the bars and balms from melting or hardening.


Are the Rescue Balms pet-safe?

Our Rescue Paw Balms are made with natural and organic ingredients that are pet-safe. Completely harmless even if they lick their paws!


When and how to apply the Rescue Balm?

Apply on dry clean paws twice a week or after every stroll outdoors. You may view our video tutorial on how to apply the balm here


How to properly dispose the bamboo toothbrush?

After 3-4 months of use, pull out the nylon bristles when frayed, and stick in your eco-brick. Place the bamboo handle in your compost bin or discard responsibly.


Do you ship plastic-free nationwide?

Yes, we ship plastic-free via Grab or Fifth Express within Metro Manila. For provincial shipping, we try to ship with the least amount of plastic as we can. If we do use plastic, we can ensure you that it will be recycled/reused ones from previous packages.